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The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) is pleased to share its Mental Health Promotion Strategy, which will be used to focus its efforts to ensure equitable opportunities for all community members to experience positive mental health and mental well-being. 


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Risk Management Home Page
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The links on this page will take you to resources for risk management in your health unit.  These materials have been put together by alPHa's Risk Management Working Group and will be maintained by alPHa.  You can also post some of your own resources to share with your board of health and public health colleagues.  

The Working Group has adopted the following definition of risk:

"Risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has an effect on objectives.  It includes both threats to the objectives and opportunities to improve on objectives."

Source:  Adapted from the definition by Project Management Institute PMBok 2000

This definition highlights uncertainty as the key characteristic of risk and makes it clear that risk can have both negative and positive impacts on your objectives. 

The decision to establish an ongoing risk management program at all levels of your organization represents the adoption of a best practice.  The Risk Management Working Group has developed a 3-phased approach to risk management for you to consider.   Please note that all of the important components are included in the suggested approach outlined below and through linked pages.  You may want to adapt to your own circumstances the suggested order of activities in the approach.  Also, the approach assumes a top-down development and roll out of a corporate risk management program, but organizational and program level activities may happen concurrently.

The following definitions may be helpful while you review the material.

Agency Level - Where "agency level" is used, it refers to work done by the BOH, usually working with senior management.  The policies, risks and mitigation strategies identified at this level apply broadly to the BOH and organization as a whole.  "Agency level" and "organizational level" are used interchangeably.

Operational Level - The term "operational level" is used to signify organizational structures that fall below the agency level.  No assumptions are made about how a specific public health unit may be structured and the "operational level" may include, departments, divisions, programs, teams and projects.

BOH - The term "board of health" or "BOH" is used to signify the board of health or governance structure for the organization.

Public Health Unit - The term "public health unit" or "PHU" is used to signify the agency and operational levels of the organization, together.


Risk Management 3-Phase Implementation Approach

AGENCY LEVEL (BOH and Senior Management)

PHASE 1- Setting the Stage

PHASE 2 - Developing the System and Defining the Agency Level Risks


PHASE 3 - Rolling Out To All Operational Levels 

MATURITY - Upon completion of the three phases, risk management continues according to the established framework, timelines and reporting cycles to management (for operational level risks) and the board (for agency level risks)


Note:  To see resources for each phase or to add a resource for sharing with your colleagues, click on one of the PHASES above.


Other Resources

- 3 Phases Overview          PDF          MS Word

- November 2015 Workshop

- February 2016 Workshop

 Other pages of the website can be accessed through the drop-down menu above ("more in this section").

If you are looking for something specific on any topic, you can enter keywords into the "enter search criteria" box above the left-hand menu.

The resources posted in this section are available for public viewing.  However, to post a resource or to see contact information for a colleague who has posted a resource, you must have an alPHa website user ID and password.  To obtain a user ID and password, click on "Register" at the top right of this screen.

Disclaimer: All resources appearing in this area, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of the original author and/or submitting organization, and appear here with the author's permission. alPHa is not responsible for the content of these submissions.


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