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Government Releases Proposal for Ontario Health System

December 21, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Linda Stewart
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Minister Hoskins has released Patients First - A Proposal to Strengthen Patient-Centred Health Care in Ontario.  Read alPHa's Press Release.

Proposals related to local public health in Patients First:

Integrate local population and public health planning with other health services. Formalize linkages between LHINs and public health units.

"To better integrate population health within our health system, we propose that LHINs and public health units build on the collaborations already underway, and work more closely together to align their work and ensure that population and public health priorities inform health planning, funding and delivery."

To support this new formal relationship:

The ministry would create a formal relationship between the Medical Officers of Health and each LHIN, empowering the Medical Officers of Health to work with LHIN leadership to plan population health services.

The ministry would transfer the dedicated provincial funding for public health units to the LHINs for allocation to public health units. The LHINs would ensure that all transferred funds would be used for public health purposes.

The LHINs would assume responsibility for the accountability agreements with public health units.

Local boards of health would continue to set budgets.

The respective boards of health, as well as land ambulance services, would continue to be managed at the municipal level.  As part of a separate initiative to support more consistent public health services across the province, the ministry is modernizing the Ontario Public Health Standards and Organizational Standards to identify gaps and duplication in service delivery; determine capacity and resource needs; and develop options for greater effectiveness.

The ministry would also appoint an Expert Panel to advise on opportunities to deepen the partnership between LHINs and public health units, and how to further improve public health capacity and delivery.

We're interested in your initial responses to the discussion paper.  Please click here to respond to alPHa's survey.


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