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 No Money for Food is...Cent$less

The Ontario Dietitians in Public Health (ODPH) has launched a campaign to bring food insecurity into the conversation ahead of the 2018 election.    

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alPHa is pleased to unveil its new promotional brochure, 
which outlines what public health is, why it matters, who alPHa is and what it does. 

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Proceedings will be linked here when completed.


**A full library of past conference proceedings is available to members here**.


In anticipation of the October 22 municipal election, alPHa’s 2018 Municipal Election Task Force developed a set of seven (7) key policy priority backgrounders for consideration by candidates. Topics are Alcohol,  Cannabis, Food insecurity, Mental health, Opioids, Oral health and Tobacco.

Customizable templates were distributed to boards of health to assist them in raising these issues with local candidates for awareness and influence on healthy local policy development. The full package of backgrounders is available by clicking the image above. Individual ones can be found in our "Other Information" library. 

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alPHa: What is Public Health?



A brief video explaining how public health's focus on prevention and  population health is different from health care's focus on diseases of the individual and how alPHa supports this work.

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