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Sudbury & District Health Unit’s  You Can Create Change campaign raises awareness of the social and economic factors that determine health and inspires people to take action. Check out their website and the ever-growing list of how people can make a difference. 

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Welcome to the Resolutions pages of alPHaWeb. Here you will find a collection of alPHa's Resolutions and related correspondence dating back to 2000, as well as general information on how they are adopted and acted upon. Using the drop-down menu above ("more in this section..."), you may choose to view all Resolutions passed in a given year, or you may view summary pages of developments and actions on Resolutions, organized by topic. If you are seeking something specific, simply use the Search tool above and to the left.

You may also navigate using the "collections" below, which include

You may also be interested in alPHa's policies and procedures for the review, passage and action on its Resolutions. 



We will also post motions passed by our member Local Boards of Health. The list includes only motions that have been sent to alPHa and are organized by topic for information only. They may or may not be  congruent with alPHa Positions. 


alPHa Resolutions 2016

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Resolutions passed by the membership at the 2016 alPHa AGM and Resolutions Session
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Disposition of alPHa Resolutions 2016 PDF (263.58 KB)  more ] Administration 13/06/2016
A16-1 - Change to Quorum PDF (103.04 KB)  more ] Administration 13/06/2016
A16-2 - Resolution Submission Guidelines PDF (100.73 KB)  more ] Administration 13/06/2016
A16-3 - Health Promoting Infrastructure Funding PDF (129.76 KB)  more ] Administration 13/06/2016
A16-4 - Infection Control in Personal Services PDF (140.51 KB)  more ] Administration 13/06/2016
A16-5 HBHC 100% Funding PDF (102.67 KB) Administration 13/06/2016
A16-6 - Healthy Eating & Taxation of Sugar Drinks PDF (156.1 KB)  more ] Administration 13/06/2016

alPHa Resolutions: Actions and Developments

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The pages in this collection will allow you to view alPHa's Resolutions, organized by topic. Each listed Resolution is followed by a description of actions taken and important developments, with links to related correspondence. Pages may also include Resolutions that have been closed by the alPHa Board and the reason that they are no longer active. In addition, at the bottom of each page, you will find a list of local board resolutions that have been shared with alPHa related to that topic.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Chronic Disease Prevention Link Administration 23/04/2013
Early Years Link Administration 23/04/2013
Emergency Preparedness Link Administration 23/04/2013
Environmental Health Link Administration 23/04/2013
Food Safety Link Administration 23/04/2013
Safe Water Link Administration 23/04/2013
Nutrition and Physical Activity Link Administration 23/04/2013
Infectious Disease Control Link Administration 23/04/2013
Injury Prevention Link Administration 23/04/2013
Oral Health Link Administration 23/04/2013
Public Health Funding & Policy Link Administration 23/04/2013
Seniors Link Administration 23/04/2013
Sexual / Reproductive Health Link Administration 23/04/2013
Social Determinants of Health Link Administration 23/04/2013
Substance Misuse & Addictions Link Administration 23/04/2013
Surveillance and Monitoring Link Administration 23/04/2013
Tobacco Control Link Administration 23/04/2013
Vaccine Preventable Disease Link Administration 23/04/2013
ARCHIVE Link Administration 23/04/2013

alPHa Resolutions: Year by Year

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2016 Link Administration 13/06/2016
2015 Link Administration 11/06/2015
2014 Link Administration 11/06/2014
2013 Link Administration 06/06/2013
2012 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2011 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2010 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2009 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2008 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2007 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2006 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2005 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2004 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2003 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2002 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2001 Link Administration 23/04/2013
2000 Link Administration 23/04/2013
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