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Creating Change in Sudbury District!

Sudbury & District Health Unit’s  You Can Create Change campaign raises awareness of the social and economic factors that determine health and inspires people to take action. Check out their website and the ever-growing list of how people can make a difference. 

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Board of Directors 2015-16
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During the Annual General Meeting held each spring, alPHa elects a Board of Directors composed of seven members from the Boards of Health (BOH) Section and seven members from the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health (COMOH). The balance of the alPHa Board is composed of one representative from each of the seven Affiliate organizations and one non-voting representative from the Ontario Public Health Association. The Board meets regularly throughout the year to consider matters of policy, priorities, and governance.

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Members of the 2015-2016 alPHa Board of Directors are as follows:

     Executive Committee
     President Dr. Valerie Jaeger
     Past President Dr. Penny Sutcliffe
     Vice President   Vacant    
     BOH Section Chair / BOH Representative, North West Region Julie Roy
     COMOH Chair / COMOH Representative, South West Region Dr. Miriam Klassen
     Treasurer / BOH Representative, South West Region Carmen McGregor
     Affiliate Executive Representative / ASPHIO*

Bjorn Christensen

BOH Representative, Central West Region April Jeffs
BOH Representative, North East Region Patrick Bamford
BOH Representative, Eastern Region VACANT
 BOH Representative, Central East Region  VACANT
BOH Representative, Toronto Dr. Peter Wong
COMOH Representative, North Region Dr. Jim Chirico
COMOH Representative, East Region Dr. Isra Levy
COMOH Representative, Toronto Dr. David McKeown
COMOH Representative, Central East Region Dr. Robert Kyle
Affiliate Representative, AOPHBA* Patricia Hewitt
Affiliate Representative, APHEO* Emma Tucker
Affiliate Representative, HPO* Ellen Wodchis
Affiliate Representative, OAPHD* Paul Sharma
Affiliate Representative, OPHNL* Maureen Cava
Affiliate Representative, OSNPPH* Tracy Allan-Koester
Cross-Appointment, OPHA* Larry Stinson


 * Legend:

AOPHBA = Association of Ontario Public Health Business Administrators

APHEO = Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario

ASPHIO = Association of Supervisors of Public Health Inspectors of Ontario

HPO = Health Promotion Ontario

OAPHD = Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry

OPHNL = Ontario Association of Public Health Nursing Leaders

OSNPPH = Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health

OPHA = Ontario Public Health Association

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