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Congratulations to Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health for successfully concluding a 7-year quest for new and improved offices for their Orangeville and Guelph locations. The official ribbon cutting ceremonies are scheduled on September 3rd for Orangeville and October 1st for Guelph.  Check out the virtual tours for the new offices here:

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Conference Information
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Welcome to alPHa's Conference Information Page. Here, you will find information on alPHa's upcoming and past conferences, including announcements, registration and program information, and proceedings of completed events. The drop-down menu above contains direct links to conference-related pages on our site.



 alPHa's 2014 Annual Conference was held as part of the Prevent More To Treat Less joint public health and primary health care conference (June 3-5). Click on the link above for the proceedings or download the PDF.








Conference Proceedings

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Posted here are archived files from alPHa's past conferences, including fall and winter semi-annual meetings, our Annual Conference, as well as special-purpose and events that we have held in partnership with other organizations. In most cases, these are downloadable .pdf files that include summaries and presentations or links to external Web sites.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2008 Public Health Summit Link  more ] Administration 31/07/2012


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Collection of slide decks that have been provided by presenters that may be of interest to alPHa members. These will be primarily from alPHa symposia and conferences, but some may be included from partner events if we believe that the content will be sufficiently interesting to our members. Please note that this collection includes only materials that we have been granted permission to share. If you are looking for materials from meetings of alPHa's Sections, Board of Directors or ad hoc committees that do not appear here, please go to the associated members or group pages, where additional meeting-specific materials may be accessible to members of those groups.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Practicing Persuasion Webinar - Recording 2 Link  more ] Administration 24/09/2014
Practicing Persuasion Webinar - Recording 1 Link  more ] Administration 24/09/2014
Creating Clear Messages Webinars June 2014 PDF (17.36 MB)  more ] Administration 14/08/2014
PM2TL - Day 2 Summary PDF (714.01 KB)  more ] Administration 09/07/2014
Early Development Instrument (2012 York Region) PDF (2.26 MB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2014
Early Development Instrument PDF (6.47 MB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2014
Healthy Kids Community Challenge PDF (892.42 KB)  more ] Administration 04/03/2014
Health Promotion Division update PDF (999.26 KB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
PHO Update to alPHa PDF (1.76 MB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
CMOH Update PDF (168.13 KB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
KTA for Healthy Weights PDF (822.48 KB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
Creating Healthy Communities PDF (1.12 MB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
Start All Kids on the Path to Health PDF (1.61 MB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
HKP Recommdations Survey Results PDF (731.08 KB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
Healthy Kids Strategy PDF (1.58 MB)  more ] Administration 22/11/2013
Public Health Division - Key Initiatives PDF (110.4 KB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2013
Our Evolving Plan - PHO 2014 - 2019 PDF (413.43 KB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2013
Make No Little Plans - Sector Strategy Update PDF (394.64 KB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2013
Alcohol - Overview and Directions PDF (88.7 KB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2013
Current Challenges in Tobacco Control PDF (261.03 KB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2013
The State of Our Food Today PDF (1.92 MB)  more ] Administration 25/06/2013
Public Health Funding Review Update PDF (91.5 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Public Health Sector Strategic Plan PDF (175.55 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Public Health Strategic Plan Schematics PDF (206.76 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Ontario Public Policy Environment PDF (95.28 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Funding & Accountability Unit Roles PDF (192.6 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Public Health Policy and Program Branch Priorities PDF (46.43 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
SPP and EMB roles and responsibilities PDF (282.37 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Health Promotion Division - Realizing our Mandate PDF (645.92 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
Presentations - Winter 2011 - June 2012 Link  more ] Administration 26/06/2013
CMOH Update - June 2010 PPT (590.7 KB)  more ] Administration 15/11/2012
Adventures in Technology PDF (4.51 MB)  more ] Administration 15/11/2012
MOHLTC - Low Income Dental Programs PPT (91.5 KB)  more ] Administration 15/11/2012
MHP - Strategic Directions PPT (1.51 MB)  more ] Administration 15/11/2012
MHP - New Directions in Tobacco Control PPT (2.11 MB)  more ] Administration 15/11/2012
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